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Speed Doctor has a magical experience

Track Olympian and Speed Specialist, Nabie Fofanah gets FST to improve joint mobility and reduce hamstring hypertonicity.


Health & Wellness Coach


​​"Charnette does amazing massage and bodywork. I've been a client for years. My back feels amazing today after dealing with some tension. And she offered some great insight as to some emotional blocks I was dealing with. Thank you!"

Spiritual Wellness Advisor


“The Experience is everything. Charnette has extensive knowledge about her craft and I feel the love through her hands! She is amazing!”

Doctor of Internal Medicine


"What a great experience!!! Charnette knew exactly what she was doing and talked me through the whole thing. She gently pushed the limits of the myofascial stretching. I am a runner and have certain muscles that tend to tighten up over time and those muscles were elicited during my session with Charnette. She pointed out differences of my right and left side flexibility and suggested ways to improve on them. I loved every part of the session and suggests her to everyone I know and don't know."

Alignment & Movement therapist

Professional Pole Fitness Instructor